Our Story

An overview of how we started, our passion and values that drive our commitment and results.

Our Business

In 2010, BN Solutions was humbly set-up with a strong passion and determination to serve our customers and have earned their trust and confidence through our innovative solutions and sincerity. Undoubtedly, our products are tested in strict compliance to international and local standards:

  • Singapore Standard SS 322: 1987 (Specification for Earthing and Bonding Clamps)
  • Singapore Standard SS 551: 2009 (Code of Practice for Earthing)
  • Singapore Standard SS 555: 2018 (Protection Against Lightning)
  • Singapore Standard SS 638: 2018 (Code of Practice for Electrical Installations)
  • International Electrochemical Commission IEC 60998-1: 2002 (Connecting devices for low-voltage circuits for household and similar purposes)
  • International Electrochemical Commission IEC 62305: 2010 (Lightning Protection)
  • International Electrochemical Commission IEC 62561: 2017 and 2018 (Lightning Protection Systems Components)
  • BS 4662: 2006 (Boxes for flush mounting of electrical accessories)
  • BS 4568: 1970 (Specification for steel conduit and fittings)

Today, our customers value BN Solutions as a trusted and preferred advisor-manufacturer who works closely with them to address their daily business needs and challenges with technological know-how through customization and innovation of products and solutions.

Our Vision

To be the trusted and preferred Earthing & Lightning Protection and Electrical Service Provider.

Our Mission

To achieve operational and financial goals for our internal and external stakeholders through continuous innovation and development of products and solutions.

Our Values

Our Certifications

Our Location

No. 1 Soon Lee Street
#02-70 Pioneer Centre
Singapore 627605

Tel: +65 6339 3086
Fax: +65 6339 3026